ReFashion online

Embroidery and laser cutting can extend the life of clothes and other fashion products. They can hide stains or holes in the fabric or just make old clothes more attractive and unique. ReFashion online is looking to connect in a web platform people that share their passion for "refashion" - ateliers, offering embroidery and laser cutting services, conscious fashion lovers who want to save resources by extending the life of their clothes, fashion designers that will create embroidery and laser cutting patterns, shops that want to add value to their unsold merchandise and try to sell it again, people who want to sell or buy such unique clothes through the online marketplace.

Silvia Kabaivanova

ReFashion is the new fashion trend!

Why ReFashion Online?

Start a new fashion trend which will make a big change in the world, reduce waste and save natural resources.

How to ReFashion?

Make your old clothes fashionable through embroidery or laser cutting and extend their life instead of buying new ones. Join a community of users and fashion professionals in embroidery and laser cutting.


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